Kit, Lever, Knee, Vertical

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This is a complete kit to add a vertical knee lever to your Pre-1985 MSA pedal steel guitar. It includes all of the items pictured. Included but not pictured are 2 screws to attach the Support Tower to the cabinet.

1 Support, Tower, Pivot, Vertical
1 Lever, Knee, Vertical
1 Link, Lever, Knee, Vertical
1 Stop, Shaft
1 Shaft, Cross
2 Bushing, Shaft, Delrin
2 Pull, 4 Hole
2 Barrel, Locking, Rod, Brass 5/16" long
2 Rod, Pull 33" Long
2 Spacer, Rod, Pull, 1.750" 

Nut, Tuning, 1/2"


#10-32 Attachment Screws with Locknuts 


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