Pull Rod Cut to Fit for ZB's

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  • Item #: 925-000-1

Replacement pull rod for ZB pedal steel guitars. These rods are made from steel and are similar to OEM equipment.

This set contains 1 rod assembly which is 27" long O.A.L. and are designed to replace or add any rod length needed. Just measure and cut with a pair of heavy duty wire cutters, then file the end smooth.

The ZB experts tell me that there no standard lengths, therefore, the end user will be required to cut the rod to the required length, bend the 90°, and drill the hole for the hairpin clip if required. The rods are way over length which will provide for a number of test bends if neccesary prior to cutting and bending to the final length. The LH rod is also threaded 3/8" longer than is neccesary and may be trimmed to adjust for final length after bending. The drill diameter required for the hairpin clip is Ø.0469 (3/64"). It is small and may appear difficult to do but is achievable.

Rods are Ø1/8" with #6-40 RH and LH threads.

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