Pull Rod Set Cut to Fit Ø.093" w/#3-48 Thread

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  • Item #: RODSET-C2F-THRD-093-348

Set of 2 pull rods for any pedal steel guitar that use the Ø.093 rod with a cut #3-48 threaded rod end.

These are made of Stainless Steel. 

This set contains 2 rods which are 32" long and are designed to replace or add any rod length needed. Just measure and cut with a pair of heavy duty wire cutters, file the end smooth, slip on the retaining clip, and bend a 90°.

Rods are Ø.093" with #3-48 x 3/8" long cut thread on one end.

Rods are not returnable once they have been cut or bent.


All rods will ship Priority Mail regardless of weight. This is due to new postal regulations for anything over 22" in length.

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