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  • Item #: 106-050

LKL Knee Lever Link to fit various models of Sho-Bud pedal steel guitars. This is a replacement/upgrade item made from Ø3/16" rod and incorporates adjustable ball joints on the ends. This link will  eliminate the soft feel of the OEM linkage due to flexing of the bent Ø1/8" rod.

Before ordering!

Please measure the distance between the linkage lever hole center lines and select the appropriate length rod. I have seen numerous pictures of undercarriages and it appears that no two are alike in the exact placement and angle of the LKL knee lever assembly. This rod assembly has far less adjustment than the OEM linkage.

Order the rod linkage that is closest to your measurement. There is a total of 5/8" adjustment in length.


Two options exist to install this linkage.

1. Drill the bracket holes larger to Ø3/16". This will allow the ball studs to slip through and be secured by the self locking nut.

2. Tap the existing hole for a #10-32 thread. There should be no reason to drill it as the diameter is already close enough to the correct tap drill size. Care must be exersized to make sure that the hole is tapped perpendicular to the bracket face.  Thread the ball stud into the tapped hole. You may then use the self locking nut to secure it.


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