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Replacement Parts for your Pedal Steel Guitar

Now you can find more than 600+ products to build or repair many of the out of production Pedal Steels!

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Got Broken Parts?     

Send me a picture of your part and if it makes production sense, I may make a run of them.

If you're not sure what any part is on your guitar, send me a picture and I'll help you identify it.

Want to build your own pedal steel?

Many of the components that we have can be used to build your own guitar.

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Increased Reliability

I reverse engineer the OEM components. If I feel that there was a design error that caused a failure or something that can improve the functionality, I will incorporate the changes to eliminate the failure point or enhance the functionality. All parts are direct OEM replacements.


At PSG Parts we do our best to give you the fastest service, highest quality, and reasonable pricing that we can provide.

Premium Quality

We are committed to delivering high quality services that enhance your guitar by providing parts that are equal to or better than the OEM parts.

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