About us

After purchasing my first Pedal Steel Guitar, repeated searches on the internet lead me to the conclusion that there were very few, if any, sources of parts for many of the older pedal steels that had ceased production. The biggest segment being Sho-Bud, as they had been one of the largest producers for the longest period of time. Some parts were readily available but others were non-existent or only a few used parts for sale from cannibalized instruments. It saddened me to know such a beautiful piece of work, and many times art, that has made such wonderful sounds, had met it's end in such a manner.

I've been in manufacturing my entire life. I started by attending a technical high school and taking machine shop. I found the joy in making something precision out of a piece of raw metal. My first job was in a job shop making anything that came in the door from punching dies and specialty assembly machines to replacement components for F4 Phantoms and Ferrari's.

Moving my family to Arizona in 1984, I entered the aerospace market. It was here that I entered the Research and Development shop for a major turbine engine manufacturer. I got to see some of the cutting edge engineering and also some of the toughest, nastiest materials known to man. There was very little information on some of these new materials so we constantly had to develop new and faster methods for carving parts from them. Soon after, years of training began in process improvement, one-piece-flow, and JIT (Just In Time) delivery.

Later, a promotion to CNC Programmer and Manufacturing Engineer for high speed turbine starter wheels (100,000+ rpm) broadened my scope of experience. These components required some very intense machine work. So, when I saw just what comprised the undercarriage of a PSG, I knew where my next career step would take me. 

I am finally able to combine the desire to have my own business, the love of music and instruments, the smell of freshly milled wood, and the satisfaction of making things out of metal.

I hope to fill a definite void within the music industry with my products.

Michael Yahl

Michael Yahl, Maintenance Dude

Michael's competencies include machine maintenance, construction, electrical, and plumbing to keep our shop operating.

Michael Yahl, Manufacturing Engineer

Michael is one of the iconic people in life who can say they love what they do. From the reverse engineering and CAD work to shipping the final product.

Michael Yahl, CEO

Founder and chief visionary, Michael is the driving force behind the company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of the replacement parts, programming, and communicating with our customer base .

Michael Yahl, CNC Programmer

Michael loves taking on challenges. With his multi-year experience as a Manufacturing Engineer and CNC Programmer in the aerospace turbine industry, there's still a few things he hasn't done and relishes the opportunity to dive into something new.