Bracket, Support, Shaft, Cross, Center, .625

Bracket, Support, Shaft, Cross, Center, .625
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Aluminum angle supports for Ø.3125" (5/16") round and hex cross shafts on Sho~Bud pedal steel guitars.

These are used in a variety of applications, in pairs, for the round shafts and as a single end support for the hex shafts with a nylon hex bushing and support on the other end of the hex shafts.

Sho-Bud used 3 different leg lengths to fit in different areas of the undercarriage. These come in .500" (1/2"), .562" (9/16"), and .625" (5/8") leg lengths in addition to a center support that has a slot to allow the shaft to drop in for additional support at the center of the longer D10/D12 cross shafts to prevent flexing of the shaft. Leg length for the center support is .625" (5/8").

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