Bracket, Lever, Knee, Hex, Standard

Bracket, Lever, Knee, Hex, Standard
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Knee Lever Brackets for Pro-Series Sho-Bud pedal steel guitars with 5/16" hex shafts.

These are direct replacements for the 'pot metal' die cast brackets that have such a great tendency to fracture. I have modified the original design to eliminate two design flaws.

First, the area that is relieved to clear an adjacent cross shaft, now has a radius instead of a square corner. This reduces the stress riser in the square corner and has no effect on the functionality of the bracket other than to strengthen it, but due to the fact that these are made from solid 6061-T6 aluminum, you could probably bend these past 90° and they still wouldn't break, and that's "IF" you could bend them.

Secondly, I have moved the set screw to the opposite side of the bracket and changed the angle that it intersects the hex hole. The original die cast component had the set screw placed at a 45° angle to the shaft. The problem was that the flat surface of the hex shaft is at 30°. This caused the set screw to clamp down on the corner of the hex and not the flat, creating a condition that allowed the bracket to loosen after a short amount of use and deformed the corner of the hex shaft causing sharp burrs. By moving the set screw to the opposite side, I was able to place it at a 30° angle and perpendicular to the flat on the hex shaft.

These brackets are available in both the standard and vertical (taller) versions.

Pricinging is for ONE knee lever bracket.

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